Piney Mountain Herbals
City: Stevensville, MT, 59870
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About Us
Angi studied herbalism at the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine in Asheville, NC. Her first introduction to the study of herbs was during her training in the healing arts at the Crestone Healing Arts Center in Colorado. Bringing her plant knowledge back to the west with her she continues studying and working with wild plants, and pursuing her passion for farming at Blue Coyote Farm. Jamie’s interests are linked to exploring and learning everything about our natural world which we are lucky to be surrounded by out here in the Rocky Mountains.
Our herbal products are formulated from plants we grow, gather, buy from other local farming friends or trusted herbal suppliers in the NW (for the few we can't grow here). Our cultivated herbs are always grown without chemicals, and we are committed to sustainable wildcrafting. We create herbal tinctures, vinegars, oils, syrups and other concoctions.