Yourganic Farm
City: Corvallis, MT, 59828
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About Us
Yourganic Farm is owned and operated by Leon Stangl and Pam Watts with help from family and friends. We are located in Corvallis, in the heart of the Bitterroot Valley in Western Montana. Yourganic Farm came into being in 2005 after many years of farming experience.
We have a diverse acreage with cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, and a large variety of produce. We also have a diverse array of tasks: planting, weeding, harvesting, reclaiming our cows after their occasional visit to the herd down the road, and playing hide and seek with the chickens and their eggs. They hide, we seek.
Sustainable Practices
Yourganic Farm was certified organic for two years. Due to cost and copious paperwork, we decided to drop the certification and instead rely on the quality of our products. Our sustainable farming methods continue to follow organic guidelines. We use organic seed and gather our own seeds as much as possible. We rotate crops and pastures, compost heavily, and mulch to retain soil moisture. We till as little as possible to maintain soil structure. We use no chemical pesticides and produce no genetically modified organisms (GMO). Our animals are on pasture throughout the year, when they’re not off visiting the neighbors, and feed on organic grain.