Graze & Roam
Contact: Joe & Brenna
Address: 290 Eagle Feather Lane Victor, MT, 59875
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About Us
Graze & Roam is a regenerative farm in the heart of the Bitterroot Valley. We produce premium pastured eggs and pastured poultry, as well as grass-fed, grass-finished British White beef. All our products are covered by our unconditional no BS guarantee. If you do not love what you buy, we will refund your purchase price. Pure & simple.

Our mission for Graze & Roam is to become your dependable and trusted local source of healthy and appreciated foods for your plate, as well as being an inspiring destination where families, friends, and neighbors can connect, learn, and recharge. Most of all, we want you to feel good about choosing our products for the myriad of benefits they provide your body, and our valley home.

Our operations are open to full transparency, so please call to schedule a farm tour, or book one through our website. Visit and see for yourself how we are working to make our mission a reality. We look forward to meeting you soon.
While we are not a certified organic farm, by "doing it the hard way", we exceed certified organic and nationally accepted certified humane animal welfare standards for our eggs, meat birds, and beef. Our animals are provided with personal daily care, Montana-grown organic feeds, zero hormones, or harmful substances, and live the highest quality of life possible. We also employ no-till, organic, chemical-free, and rotational intensive grazing strategies to help sequester carbon and regenerate the soil to its former splendor.

Through all of this, we hope to tightly weave our enterprise into the fabric of the local sustainable food community, positively affect the people who eat our products, properly cherish the animals in our care, nurture the land, and welcome the wild critters who just pass through from time to time.