Missoula Grain & Vegetable Co
Contact: Katie, Barret and Max
Address: 498 Cash Dr, Stevensville Stevensville, MT, 59870
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About Us
The Missoula Grain and Vegetable Co. is a year round vegetable farm specializing in tasty, colorful chow grown in healthy soils even in the heart of winter. We are a worker cooperative of Katie, Barret and Max. And we're proud to currently pay a $14/hr starting wage to non-coop employees of the farm, with most employees making $16/hr at the time of this updated description (9/6/2021). We also have workers compensation insurance and pay all of the employees "above the table" so that we are contributing to their end of life social security benefits.
USDA Organic (2019), Bio-dynamic, pollinator-friendly, carbon farming, crop rotation, crop diversity, State of Montana Certification